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Quality Supplements: The Art of Small Batch Crafting

Sameed Ijaz

Quality supplements require care and attention to detail. Small-batch crafting is a key component of the best-quality supplement brands.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Did you know that many mass-produced supplements contain ingredients that could actually be harmful to your health?

For example, a common source of supplemental Vitamin D3 is irradiated and chemically processed wool grease, commonly known as lanolin.

Furthermore, many supplements contain Fillers and excipients. These are commonly called “Other ingredients. on the label.

These ingredients serve a purpose in high-volume, low-cost manufacturing (e.g., to prevent clogging of machinery) but are of little use or, in some cases, even harmful to the consumer.

The best quality supplement brands aren't mass-produced; they're small-batch crafted!

Examples of “Other Ingredients” include:

Binding agents: Compounds that merely hold tablets and capsules together, preventing them from crumbling

Fillers: Additives that artificially bulk up capsules, giving a false impression of fullness

Flow enhancers and lubricants: Ingredients added to prevent clumping during manufacturing

Coatings and glazes: Superficial layers applied to make supplements easier to swallow

Preservatives: Chemicals included to prolong the shelf life of supplements

Colors: Artificial enhancements used to improve the appearance of supplements.

Artificial flavors and sweeteners: Most common in chewable and liquid supplements, these improve the taste of the product

Some common fillers and excipients include:

Titanium Dioxide: Widely used to whiten supplements, but some organizations suggest it might have long-term health risks, possibly linked to cancer

Carrageenan: Used as a thickening agent, but some studies suggest it could cause gastrointestinal issues and inflammation

Gelatin: Commonly found in supplements, but excessive intake may lead to stomach discomfort

Potassium Sorbate: Often used as a preservative, but it may cause sensitivity reactions in certain individuals

Stearic Acid: Found in various foods and supplements, but some people have concerns about its potential adverse health effects

Magnesium Stearate: Used as a flow enhancer, but there's uncertainty about its impact on the immune system

Cellulose: Frequently used as a binding agent, but it provides minimal nutritional value and may not be well absorbed by the body

Silicon Dioxide (may also be called Rice Hull Extract or Rice Flour): A major component of sand, it functions to prevent clumping in supplements, but questions remain regarding its safety due to its abrasive nature

Experience Superior Quality Supplements at a low price with mygotostack:

Your Trusted Source for Premium, Artisanal-Quality, Small-Batch Manufactured Supplements — all at the same price point as competitors who use lower-quality ingredients and additives.

The mygotostack Difference

At mygotostack, we take a different approach. Our products are small-batch crafted without unnecessary, inactive ingredients — ensuring high quality and purity. 

Instead of your health taking a hit, our bottom line does because we started the company first and foremost to provide a necessary service to ourselves and our patients.

The Cost of Quality

Our supplements cost up to 4X more to make than our competitors' products (we’ve checked with the large-batch manufacturers that others use), but we maintain similar pricing due to razor-thin margins.

The small batch crafting process involves independently sourcing the highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. This ensures that our ingredients are GMP-certified, Non-GMO, organic, and typically vegetarian or vegan.

*Some products, such as our SUPERFOODS [bee pearls] and DIGEST [pre+probiotics], are by nature non-vegan (bee pearls include plant pollen, nectar, and bee secretions; we grow our probiotics on milk media, so they are vegetarian) 

More of What You Want and None of What You Don't

We don’t use animal-derived gelatin in our capsules, instead opting for vegetable cellulose capsules derived from pine & poplar trees and purified water.

We also avoid deriving our ingredients from common allergens. For example, our lecithin comes from sunflower seeds rather than the more commonly used soy-based lecithin. 

Small batch crafting also allows us to avoid fillers and other useless or harmful inactive ingredients. We hand-pack every capsule with quality, active ingredients, and nothing else, ensuring maximum potency and purity.

Custom packing in a small GMP-compliant facility means we don’t have to worry about clumping. No giant industrial-scale machines mean no flow enhancers or lubricants are necessary.

This means you get no harmful or useless ingredients and more of what you want. That's why mygotostack ranks among the best-quality supplement brands.

People Over Profit

In short, small-batch crafting is an artisanal rather than industrial process. We craft every capsule with a level of care and precision that mass production simply cannot achieve.

We use small-batch crafting because we care about people over profit.

Don’t fall for the mass-produced, low quality supplements you find elsewhere.

They may be attractive, but they’re all marketing and have no substance. Buying a famous name brand without checking the details could cost you in the long run. Nature knows best; at mygotostack, we know better than to try to undermine or outsmart nature.

Small batch crafting is one of the most important innovations in supplements we bring you with mygotostack.

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