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DETOX [spike buster] PRE-ORDER NOW: initial stock is limited! Shipping late November 2023.

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PRE-ORDER NOW:  Shipping late November 2023.

How do you eliminate the most pervasive and powerful man-made biotoxin?

Nature always finds a way. Every protein can be degraded by specific enzymes, like a key that fits a lock and opens the way to health and healing. We identified compounds that detach spike from receptors, release it from within microclots, and chop it up to be flushed out in the urine. And they even reverse the misfolding and clotting it causes.

Our unique spike-busting formula contains the following key ingredients and absolutely no filler:

◆ Serrapeptase- 125,000 units

◆ Augmented NAC- 200 mg 
◆ EGCG- 100mg
◆ Humic Acid (from shilajit)-50mg
◆ Fulvic (from shilajit)- 50mg
◆ Nattokinase- 2000 FU

◆ Black pepper extract- 25mg

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